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How it works /contd

The Management Console.

The Online Management Console gives you easy access to maintaining and managing your system, it consists of the following components and Menu options:


(Main Customer Facing Pages)

Management Console

(Log In Page)

Management Menu

(Welcome Page)

System Parameters

(System Settings)

View Records

(Order Data)

Log Out

(and in)


(Main Site Pages)

Optimise Data Base Tables

Category Group Maintenance

Category Maintenance

Drop Shipper Maintenance

Ship Country Maintenance

No Tax Country Maintenance

Offer Type Maintenance

Product Maintenance

Tax Rate Maintenance

Add Product

Edit Product

View Orders

View Customers


Log In

Each page in the Management Console is mainly self-explanatory, and each page has access to context sensitive help by clicking the icon.

The Product Maintenance Pages have the facility to manage all aspects of the product:

Note: All digital downloads must be in zip or rar compressed format and only this format is supported at this time.

View Orders and View Customers Areas

Again these areas are pretty well self explanatory, here are some samples of the screens and facilities in these areas (Click them to view larger versions):

Order Summary

Order Detail

Send Email to Customer

Send Downloads by Email

View Orders

Customer Summary

Customer Detail

Send Email to Customer

View Customers

In View Orders you can also view or download the PDF Invoice:

View PDF Invoice

Add Product

Add Product Image

Select Saved Product Image

Add Digital Download File

Product Maintenance Screen Shots

Select Existing Digital Download File



X6, X7

& X8