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How it works /contd

When the customer ‘opens the bag’ they can view all items currently in the bag together with an order summary.

Here the Customer can add more of the items already added, if they try to add more than there are in stock, the bag quantity will automatically adjusted to the actual number in stock. They can also remove all qty’s of a product from the bag by clicking the bin button.

Any changes they make are immediately reflected in the Bag Summary on the right. The first time an item is added to the bag, a unique order number is allocated to the bag.

The Customer can choose to ‘Checkout’, ‘Empty the Bag’ and start again, or ‘Continue Shopping’.

Checking Out

When the Customer selects ‘Checkout’, they are given the option of checking out as a Returning Customer or as a New Customer (First time shopper).

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Clicking the Returning Customer option takes them to a log in form for them to log in with their account details (An account is automatically set up on every first order), then the Customer is taken to the Customer Details Form, a New Customer’s form is blank and has to be completed, whereas a returning Customer’s form is pre-filled with their information, which they can update if required.  Returning Customers will also get the option of using a New Set of Details for this order.

After the Customer details are submitted and we know what Country the Customer is from and whether the Customer is an Existing Customer and therefore on the Customer Loyalty Program (If applicable), we now adjust the Bag Totals to reflect any Customer Loyalty Discounts, to remove Tax if the Country is a ‘No Tax Country’  and to adjust Shipping if applicable.

The Customer is then presented with a final Summary and button to make the payment via PayPal.

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At this point the Customer can Preview or Download their Invoice.

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If at this stage the Order is a Zero Amount (ie: Free Products or other charges), then a different button is displayed to the ‘Continue to Payment’ one, which states ‘Complete Order’ and gets a message to tell them that only Free Items on the order and they will Skip the PayPal Page, and go directly to the download page, where any Digital downloads ordered will be available for them to download.

Otherwise they will be taken to the PayPal Gateway to make their payment.


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After they have made their payment in PayPal, they will automatically be returned to the thank you page, If PayPal reports a Completed Transaction, they will receive confirmation, can download/view their Invoice and can access any digital files ordered.

PayPal, will on some occasions send a status of Pending instead of Completed, even when the transaction is complete. This can happen if there is a currency conversion involved or a credit card that is being reviewed by PayPal. In this case the Customer will be told that their order is Queued and will not have access to their downloads. In these cases you will have to manually finish the process on confirmation from PayPal, and email any Digital Downloads (A process for sending this email easily and automatically is available in the Management Console). However, I have set up the process so that you can force the shop to process Pending status from PayPal as Completed without waiting for confirmation in your PayPal account as an Option. You can turn it on or off at any time with a single click.



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