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Everything in a single WebPlus WPP

Everything the shop needs, is built into a single WebPlus WPP, so no worries about add-ins not working or links to other widgets or embedded tools.

This also means that you customise absolutely any element, be it a visual change or a background code change.

It is in the bag! truly is a Shop in a single bag!

Fully Customisable in WebPlus

It is in the bag! uses standard WebPlus features for much of it's operation with some additional javascript and a lot of PHP code.

Things such as graphics, colours, text formats, nav bars, and editorial content etc. can be modified just as you would normally do in WebPlus, so you can make the shop look how you want it to. Some features are managed by background php and javascript code and will require some knowledge of these to modify.

You could also ask for a customised version that meets your specifications if required.

All code is pre-written and embedded in the WPP

All the necessary code for the system to operate effectively, has already been written for you, so need for any programming or code writing on your part.
The system will work 'Out of the Box' after you have set a few parameters and uploaded a few support files.

There is no complicated set-up to worry about.

Open Source Code

All the javascript and php code is viewable and editable, so anyone with knowledge of php and/or javascript can modify the code to suit their own individual requirements if desired.

There are no restrictions on changing the code..

No Monthly fees to a third party

Once you have purchased the System Template for a once only fee, there are no monthly fees at all.

With no monthly fees you are set for life, nothing else to lay out to keep your shop open.

And if the system is enhanced at any time you get the updates FREE!.

License included allows usage on up to TWO of your personal sites

Not only are there NO monthly fees, but you can use the System on TWO of your personal sites. Even better value for money!

If you create sites for third parties (clients) you can also get a re-seller license which allows you to use the system on a selected number of client sites without the need to purchase a seperate license for each seat.

For more info on re-seller licences please email me here

Unlimited product library

There are NO restrictions on how many products you can have in your product library, only any limits imposed by your host on the size of your database.

Products can be 'switched off' at any time making them un-available in the shop by simply changing one drop-down box, either because there is no imminent stock supplies, or you just don't want it in the shop for a while. You can then switch it back on at any time.

Comprehensive Secure Maintenance area

Here you can manage the system parameters easily, add and edit products, apply special offers and customer loyalty offers, manage stock levels etc.

Management of orders and invoices also included.

Variable multiple Tax Rates

Tax rates can be changed system wide in a single click. You can have an unlimited number of tax rates, and the Tax rate can be set at different rates per product.

If you change a tax rate, (because the government tells you to), every product already in the system will automatically be updated, even if you have in-activated the product.

All future product additions will only have the new tax rates offered when they are added.

You can also set a list of Countries where your Tax rates should be applied to. If a customer from a Country not in the list of 'taxable' countries makes a purchase, all taxes will be removed at checkout.

Unlimited Special Offer Phrases can be added

You can add an unlimited number of 'Special Offer' phrases that are added to the product displays in the shop for the relevant products, such as SALE!, Special Price, Limited Offer etc.

When you add a Special Offer to a product, you also add the Normal Price, a Ribbon(Grid View) or Corner Slash(List View) is automatically added to the product listing with appropriate words. e.g. If the phrase has the word sale in it, a 'SALE!' ribbon/slash is added, if it has the word price in the phrase then a 'Special Price' ribbon/slash is added etc.

Digital Downloads supported

Digital Downloads are supported for both paid and free items.

Digital products are not restricted by any Country Shipping settings you make, they are valid for every country. If a visitor from a country that you do not ship to adds physical products and digital downloads to their bag, they will be asked to remove the physical products but can leave the digital products.

The download files will be made available to them on the thankyou page after payment. If the items are all free items the PayPal gateway will automatically be skipped and they will be taken to the thank you and download page.

Product image upload and change at any time

You can add a product image and it can be updated at any time. Images uploaded can be selected from the image library and added to any product.

Image types can be png, jpg or gif and are automatically resized when displayed for the thumbnail, the full size image can be viewed by clicking the image on the shop page and will appear in a pop-up box together with the product description.

Unlimited Product Categories and Groups

You can add as many Product Categories and Groups as you like. Categories are organised in Groups and are displayed on the left of the product pages where users can select a category to view. They will also appear in the drop down menu and can be selected from there also.

Automatic PayPal submission data creation

An automatic Paypal Gateway connection is included. All the necessary data is created for PayPal and submitted to the email address specified as the PayPal email address.

You only need to add a valid PayPal email address to activate the Gateway process. A couple of settings in your PayPal account are required to activate Auto-Return and PDT.

Automatic Customer Account creation

On the first order by your customer an account is automatically set up at checkout, an email is sent to the customer confirming their account.

The next time a returning Customer places an order, they do not have to enter their details again, the details are automatically retrieved and presented to them so that they can make any required changes.

Customer Loyalty Discounts on individual Products

When a Customer has placed their first order, they are automatically added to the Customer Loyalty Programme.

On selected products you can add a discount percentage for Customers in the loyalty programme (Optional).

If the Customer is logged in the Loyalty discounts will be displayed with the products. If the Customer gets to the checkout and then logs in the bag will automatically be re-calculated to include any loyalty discounts that are applicable.

Shipping can be set by weight, volume or fixed

You can set the shipping rates by product as a fixed amount, or based on weight or volume.

Each individual products shipping is calculated based on the relevant criteria and the bag total is then either increased to the minimum shipping cost (if set) or capped at the maximum shipping cost (if set).

If the Customer's Country is one that attracts a Surcharge then the Surcharge is added at the checkout and is in additional to any shipping costs calculated as above.

Allows Optional Minimum and Maximum Shipping Cost

You can set a minimum and maximum shipping cost if desired. If set the shipping costs will automatically be either increased to the minimum (if below it) or decreased to the maximum (if above it). Any surcharges will be applied to the resultant shipping amount.

PDF Invoices automatically created for each order

A PDF Invoice is calculated at the point of checkout, which the Customer can preview and/or download.

After payment the PDF Invoice can again be viewed and/or downloaded. It can also be viewed by the system owner in the Management Console.

Customer sent copy of PDF Invoice by email

On completion of the order and payment an email is automatically triggered to the Customer with a copy of their PDF Invoice attached.

Products can be viewed in Block or List format

The main products page can be viewed as a grid of 9 products per page,
or a list of 4 products per page.
By default, both viewing options are available to the Customer, you can remove one or the other if required (If you only want the customer to view one version).

Products can be listed by Category or ALL

Within the Product displays, the customer can select to view only products in a chosen category or all products.

Products are displayed by page and the pages can be selected by the selectors at the foot of the page.

Optional Special Offers block on home page

A block of Special Offers can be display on the home page or any other page if required. The system will search products that are on Special Offer and only show those products in the frame, in a block of 4 products, with page selectors at the bottom.

When you change your special offers this special offer block will update automatically.

Automatic corner or ribbon messages applied to products

When an item is flagged as a Special Offer, a ribbon(grid view) or corner flash(list view) will automatically be added to the Product Panel.

The wording etc. of the ribbon/flash will be determined by Key words in the special offer type, e.g. Sale, Offer, Price, Free Gift, Free Product etc. Download products will have a ribbon/flash added that indicates a digital product, if the digital product has a special offer on it the digital product ribbon/flash will be replaced with the offer ribbon/flash.

Customer account page allows viewing previous orders and the status of orders

On the Customer account page the Customer can view all previous orders, in the Invoice PDF format, they can also download copies of the invoices, and check the status of all orders.

Order status is automatically updated

For some events the order and delivery status is automatically updated.

The system owner can also update order and delivery status from the management console, such as disptached, completed etc.

Bag can be hidden, moved or displayed by customer

The bag block can be hidden by the user if desired and can be moved too. With no products in the bag, the bag shown both here and in the top menu bar show an empty bag. As soon as products are added to the bag, the bag block fades in and the bag and menu bar small bag change to a bag with a product in it. The product count also changes to the number of products in the bag.

Open Bag brings up a lightbox with a list of items in the bag

Clicking Open Bag brings up a list of the items in the Bag, the qty of each product in the bag can be changed by the user, the bag totals are also displayed.

Individual product lines can be removed from the bag and the bag can also be emptied.

If the Customer tries to modify the qty to more than the number in stock, the qty is automatically adjusted to the number in stock and the customer advised such.

Automatic Bag Adjustment based on stock levels

If a Customer tries to add more products to their bag than are currently in stock, the bag quantity is automatically changed to the number of products in stock and they are advised of this.

Automatic stock updating

On completion of the order, the stock level of the products is automatically adjusted by the qty purchased except in the case of products with unlimited stock.

Cannot ‘add to bag’ if item is out of stock

If an item is out of stock (stock level is 0, zero), then the Out of Stock message is displayed, and the Add To Bag button is disabled automatically.

If there are 10 or less of a product left, the stock message is changed to Only xx left, otherwise the In Stock message is displayed.

Full product details available in a pop-up

Clicking the product image on the products page brings up a Pop-Up box with a larger image and the full product description.

In product grid view clicking the 'more' link also brings this up.

Product description can contain limited HTML

The product description can contain limited HTML to help enhance the view or highlight a particular piece of text.

For example bold and paragraph tags <b>,</b>,<p>,</p> etc.

Products can be attached to Unlimited Number of Drop Shippers or Stock

All products can be either flagged as Stock or can be attached to a Drop Shipper.

In the Management Console, when the order is viewed, the list of products is grouped by Drop Shipper and/or Stock making it easier to place orders with Drop Shippers etc.

Other pages included

Other pages are included in the template system, such as Contact & Info with contact form already configured, Shipping Info, Sample Featured Page etc.

Uses a single MySQL Database

The system uses a single MySQL Database, and comes with a script to automatically create all the necessary tables.

Some sample data is also included to indicate how to set the system up.

FREE orders catered for

You can add FREE items to the shop, and these can have shipping charges too if required. If the total Order value is 0 (zero) when the Customer gets to the checkout, the Paypal Gateway is automatically skipped, and the Customer taken directly to the Thank You page, where any FREE downloads will be available. An Invoice is created for all FREE orders and will include digital products and FREE products such as samples etc.

FREE Support

When you purchase the It is in the bag! template system, you also get FREE support to set up the system.

A limited amount of support is also provided to help you customise the system. If extensive or more complicated customisation is required there would be an additional charge for that.

Comprehensive Installation Guide

The system comes with a comprehensive Installation Guide to help you set up your system. Installation is quite simple and easy, as most items are automatic.

On-Line Context Sensitive Help

The Management Console also has Context Sensitive Help available by clicking the i (Information) button in the top right of the Management Console Pages.